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The Camera That Changes How You See the Game

The all-new Focus Flex portable soccer camera delivers a whole new angle on capture for teams at every level. Ready for effortless recording, instant uploads and no-hassle livestreaming? Just Watch.

Get Focus Flex

Capture, analyze and share on one platform.

Focus Flex is the only portable soccer camera on the market that’s fully integrated with Hudl and goes anywhere your team needs it.

Clear, HD video to power your team reviews, player development and recruiting.

Built-in real-time streaming and uploading powered by a 4G data plan.*

Automatic uploads with no additional processing time make your submissions to Hudl Assist easier than ever.

Laptop showing a web-based video review interface
Soccer player on a video livestream

Stream. Upload. Review. Instantly.

Use built-in 4G*, plus the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, to simplify real-time livestreaming and uploading.

With an active data plan from Hudl, Focus Flex works anywhere. Don't want to worry about a data plan? You can still livestream over Wi-Fi.

Make it easy for parents, fans and recruiters to tune in and never miss a moment with total control of your livestreams.

Video is available on Hudl before the cleats come off—no processing time required.

Stop filming. Start watching.

Watch what happens when parents and staff put down the camera and pick up the ability to experience the game the way it should be.

Stop and start recordings, plus run your livestreams, all from the Focus app.

AI-tracking system follows the action, no cameraperson required.

Get your athletes—and your program—noticed.

The better quality video, the more your athletes can shine. When your soccer program has Focus Flex, your players have the HD video and highlight tools they need to share their top moments. Not to mention, access to these options is what the top recruiters want.

An athlete with a stylized 'recruitable' toggle

Get film faster.

Video uploads automatically with built-in 4G capability* or Wi-Fi to your Hudl library. That means you’ll be able to get your game video when you need it for post-match review, submission to Assist and highlight reel creation.

Simplify your set up.

Focus Flex is portable, with a weatherproof camera housing and a tripod* it captures soccer video from the perfect angle. Plus, you’ll have enough storage for multiple matches.

*One time purchase.

Focus Flex... it's in the bag.

Receive a protective, weather-resistant backpack with designated storage areas for all the accessories that power your Focus Flex. It simplifies travel — whether you’re going straight to the pitch or hopping on a plane.

Get Focus Flex

Focus Flex is available now, get in touch to learn more and talk about pricing.

*Available for purchase through Hudl. The network is available in the US only. Coverage is not available in some areas. See full terms.